We manufacture climbing walls and components

We have a 10-year experience of designing, creating 3D models and building the best climbing walls in Russian Federation

Our facility is located in Lipetsk - a small town near Moscow that has one of the biggest metallurgical plants in Russia (NLMK).

We have two CNC-cutters, steel structures and woodworking workshops.

We are collaborating with the biggest plywood suppliers here in Russia. We have 10 years of experience in building climbing walls and facilities.
climbing walls built in Russia and the CIS

Each of our team members has

years of legal experience

How It Works

contact us

You contact us and we send you our price list as well as our Terms and conditions
concluding contract
We sign a contract
preliminary 3D

You send us drawings of your desired climbing wall structure/panels/other parts
Following the payment we manufacture the needed parts here in Russia. We ship the order to you directly

Why it is profitable


Prices for wood, plywood and steel in Russia are cheaper than in Europe. They gain additional tax 15-20% if imported in EU as raw material.

This tax does not apply to products made of steel or wood as it does to panels or structure parts.

Estimate tax rates typically vary between 2,5-5% depending on the country
Competitive conditions in Russia allow us to attract highly qualified specialists on more favourable terms comparing to Europe.
Russia imports from Europe more than exports, that’s why ferries and trucks often go empty, and carriers offer attractive prices on shipping.

We provide flexible volume-based pricing. The more you buy - the less you pay

Our products

All used materials have ISO certificates.
The quality of each product is strictly checked before shipping
Panels (Birch Plywood) 18, 21mm
Plywood panels connectors
Wooden structure parts
Steel structures
Climbing holds and volumes
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Our Services

We design and build climbing walls in accordance with the European standard (EN 12572 Artificial climbing walls).

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Product safety
We consider safety to be the most important aspect in our business. The safety of all components of the climbing wall, the work that we carry out in production and assemblies - all this adds to the safety of our final product.

We make sure our clients feel confident about the safety of the product that we provide.

Each of our products is accompanied by:

  • Certificate of compliance with the requirements of GOST 58066-2018
  • Fire certificate
  • Climbing gym passport and operating manual
  • Project documentation
Our mission

We are a team of professional designers, planners, engineers and fitters united by one common passion for climbing. Our clients are the largest climbing gyms in Russia!

Our goal is to popularize and develop rock climbing through the production of high-quality and reliable climbing walls that meet modern world sports and construction requirements.

In our work, we rely on the global trends in climbing wall construction, we follow the flow of styles and design solutions in this direction.

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